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Did you know about the Naval Sea Cadets?

Did you know back in 1962, Congress chartered the Naval Cadet Sea Corps on September 10, as a youth organization with the thought of showing young men and women the sea-going services?  
When the Cadet becomes of age they are not obligated or "talked into" joining any of the military services.  If they do choose to join, it is usually with an advanced paygrade of E-2 or E-3.
If they choose to stay in the Sea Cadets when they are older, they may continue as Midshipmen or Instructors.  Eventually they can move into the ranks of officers, maybe a Commanding Officer of the same unit they were a member of.
The Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the Navy League Cadet Corps are supported by the Navy League of the United States.  We are endorsed by the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard.

If you have a son or daughter, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson or know a parent with a son or daughter that would like to do something 2 days a month, but have not made up their mind, why don't you suggest joining our unit or at least come out for a few hours or a full day to "Shadow" or "see what it is to be in our unit".  If you have any questions or would like to join us during our drill, click here to be brought to the contact page and fill out your information, comments or questions.  We will answer any questions you have.

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps have a new online portal:

NSCC/NLCC Homeport

Upcoming Events
July Events

July  4                   - 4th of July Parade, Sheboygan, WI

August Events

August  5-6           - Drill, Cascade Elementary School, Cascade, WI

September Events

September  09-10 - Drill, Cascade Elementary School, Cascade, WI

October Events

October  7-8          - Drill, Cascade Elementary School, Cascade, WI
October  7             - Operation Persona Freedom
October  8             - PT Test (ALL HANDS)

November Events

November  11-12   - Drill, Cascade Elementary School, Cascade, WI
November  11        - Veterans' Day TBA

December Events

December  16          - Drill, Cascade Elementary School, Cascade, WI

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